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Hangzhou Rainbow ARTEX CO.,LTD

Hangzhou Lei Li silk textile company limited, founded in 2008, the company has its own textile factory, metal factory, Jin Gui plant and wood rod plant. The textile factory, producing all kinds of sheer fabrics and textile products processing, large exports to the Middle East and Europe and the United States; metal factory, Jin Gui plant and wood rod factory, to produce various types of art curtain rod, art track and its accessories, fine jewelry and technical force are inseparable, the company has experienced more than 100 technical staff, technology more than 10 designers, design diversification of product varieties, fashionable and in line with the international trend, as we have adopted advanced production technology and techniques, scientific production and strict quality management, our products......

Product overview

  • A19010
  • A19030
  • A19370
  • A19420
  • A19720
  • B19160
  • B19290
  • B19600
  • C19310
  • D19080

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